The pipeline uses Dask for parallelisation, and optionally for job submission. Dask be run either using either dask-jobque or dask-mpi for parallelisation. The latter requires a working version of the mpi4py package. The pipeline currently contains configurations for the CSIRO petrichor supercomputer and for the galaxy and magnus supercomputers at the Pawsey Centre, which all use the Slurm job manager.


Note that mpi4py needs to point to the same MPI compiler used by the MPI executable. This can be tricky to find on some systems. If in doubt, get in touch with your local sysadmin.

Configuration is specicfied by a configuration file (written in YAML). These are stored in arrakis/configs/. Add your own configuration by adding and editing a configuration, and point the pipeline to the file (see the dask-jobqueue docs).

# Set up for Magnus
cores: 24
processes: 12
name: 'spice-worker'
memory: "60GB"
project: 'ja3'
queue: 'workq'
walltime: '6:00:00'
job_extra: ['-M magnus']
# interface for the workers
interface: "ipogif0"
log_directory: 'spice_logs'
env_extra: [
    'export OMP_NUM_THREADS=1',
    'source /home/$(whoami)/.bashrc',
    'conda activate spice'
python: 'srun -n 1 -c 24 python'
extra: [
    "--lifetime", "11h",
    "--lifetime-stagger", "5m",
death_timeout: 300
local_directory: '/dev/shm'