The interpolation works as follows: Take pixels offsets x,y from reference pixel in input image, multiply by axis increments to get offx and offy.

Then compute offset = arcsin(offx^2+offy^2) and angle=atan2(offx,offy), which should be the angular offset on the sky of the pixel position.

For the leakage image the inverse is used. Take the offset and angle and turn them into pixel positions on the leakage map:

x = sin(offset)*cos(angle)/incx + refx y = sin(offset)*sin(angle)/incy + refy

Module Contents



Command-line interface

interpolate(field, comp, beams, cutdir, septab, holofile)

main(field, datadir, host, epoch, holofile[, ...])

make_plot(data, comp, imfile)


Command-line interface

compare_leakage.interpolate(field, comp, beams, cutdir, septab, holofile, verbose=True)[source]
compare_leakage.main(field, datadir, host, epoch: int, holofile, username=None, password=None, verbose=True, snr_cut=None)[source]
compare_leakage.make_plot(data, comp, imfile)[source]