Errors and exceptions

Module Contents

exception arrakis.utils.exceptions.Error[source]

Bases: OSError

Base class for I/O related errors.

exception arrakis.utils.exceptions.ExecError[source]

Bases: OSError

Raised when a command could not be executed

exception arrakis.utils.exceptions.ReadError[source]

Bases: OSError

Raised when an archive cannot be read

exception arrakis.utils.exceptions.RegistryError[source]

Bases: Exception

Raised when a registry operation with the archiving and unpacking registeries fails

exception arrakis.utils.exceptions.SameFileError[source]

Bases: Error

Raised when source and destination are the same file.

exception arrakis.utils.exceptions.SpecialFileError[source]

Bases: OSError

Raised when trying to do a kind of operation (e.g. copying) which is not supported on a special file (e.g. a named pipe)